Teletherapy For Clients

To Potential New Clients:

I am accepting new clients via remote, electronic voice-and-video sessions. Forms necessary to start can be obtained, completed, and returned via email (details below).

As a result of and over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have indefinitely suspended face-to-face visits and instead offer remote (“electronic”, “tele-therapy”) sessions as an alternative.  Clients have generally been very satisfied with remote therapy.

I typically use as my platform/website for remote sessions.  It offers secure, encrypted, "HIPAA-compliant" voice-and-video communication for computer and smartphone. It is simple to use: At the time of the session, you click on an email link that I provide you in advance.  

If would like to begin therapy via remote sessions, call me (608-271-8799) and I will email you (via secure email) forms necessary to proceed. (Going forward, this will also allow us to communicate via secure email when necessary.) I provide remote therapy services to individuals including Madison, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, Mount Horeb, Cross Plains, and throughout the state of Wisconsin.

If you are paying for therapy out of pocket, payment is by check sent to my mailing address:
Gerald Greenfield, Ph.D., PO Box 259595, Madison, WI 53725-9595.

If you plan to use insurance, it has been my experience to date (written 11/4/21) that health insurance providers have been covering remote psychotherapy.  However, you may want to verify that by calling your insurance provider (800 number on back of your insurance card), as you are responsible for payment if your insurance provider does not pay.

The COVID-19 pandemic - though generally better recently - has been stressful for most if not all of us. Here are a few gentle suggestions, for any who would like some:

  1. Focus on what you can do to protect yourself and loved ones, consistent with health expert recommendations.
  2. If you are worrying to a problematic degree, (a) try to recognize that the worry, even though  natural, is unproductive, (b) label it as "unhelpful worry", and (c) gently shift attention to other/more positive/productive things. (You may have to do this repeatedly: That's fine! - and probably much better than uninterrupted worrying);
  3. Stay connected – if “virtually” – to family and friends;
  4. Get exercise and good sleep as you can; and
  5. “Breathe” – take deep breaths and try to calm yourself and your body despite the external challenges. A specific breathing exercise I recently saw for practicing control and concentration is “Breathe 4 Calm” (original source unknown to me) – do each step for a count of 4:
    1. Breathe In 2 3 4
    2. Pause 2 3 4
    3. Breathe Out 2 3 4
    4. Pause 2 3 4
    5. Breathe In 2 3 4
    6. Be Still 2 3 4
    7. Breathe Out 2 3 4
    8. Be Still 2 3 4
    9. Repeat…

Sending wishes that you stay well.

Gerry Greenfield, Ph.D.

November 4, 2021 

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